Father’s Day Secrets

1.sellout 3.sorry2.caught  4.inside 5.theroads 6.kemes 7.funreal frontback 9.jello 10.lostlaugh


My Dad sent this message to me over Facebook Messenger the night before I was supposed to fly home from a trip to Paris. . . He died last year. I listen to this message every time I fly now.

Almost 4 years ago I heard a voicemail on PostSecret from a girl’s deceased grandmother singing to her. I decided that I wanted to keep voicemails from my loved ones just in case. I am so very thankful for that secret because now I have my dad’s voice to listen to. he passed away 4 years ago.

The second part I didn’t even know I had till after he died. It is just a silly call about picking up ham but to me now it means the world.

I saved many voicemails from my dad and made them into this piece of artwork.

He died on Valentine’s Day.

This is my favorite piece of artwork I’ve ever made.

[Do you have a Father’s Day voicemail to share? Post it on SoundCloud and share it in the comments below.]



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