25 Of The Most Traumatizing Toys Ever Imagined

Do you remember your favorite toy? Was it a superhero action figure which stood up to imaginary villains? Or maybe it was a talking teddy bear that “read” bedtime stories to you every night. Whatever that toy was, more than likely it was something fun, relatively innocent, and cheerful. The toys on this list, are anything but that. Whether they’re inappropriate or just downright horrifying, these are 25 of the most traumatizing toys ever imagined. Trust us, you do not want to let your kids play with these.


This Avenging Narwhal even comes with 3 adorable little animals to impale

The avenging narwhal

Source: viralammo.com


Apart from actually naming your kid Adolf, there's not much worse than this

Adolf Hitler Doll

Source: sharenator.com


Oh wait, we stand corrected. Allow us to introduce the Lego concentration camp

Lego Concentration Camp

Source: latimes.com


And then there's blatant racism

Racist doll

Source: forbesavenue.com


There are bad ideas, and then there are worse than bad ideas. This belongs to the latter.

Pole dancing doll

Source: nydailynews.com


It's a…pregnant baby?

Pregnant baby

Source: gizmodo.com


A face that eats your money. It just sounds terrifying.

Face Bank

Source: youtube.com


Uh, those teeth actually look kind of real

Button doll

Source: huffingtonpost.com


These alien-looking, disembodied hands will soothe your child to sleep. And traumatize them forever.

Zaky Infant Pillow

Source: thingamababy.com


Maybe a simple magic kit would have been a better idea

Straight jacket toy

Source: funnybundle.com


Why does this chimp look like he's about to kill somebody?

Chimp doll

Source: distractify.com


Shaving baby's will definitely not mess your kids up. Nope, never.

Shaving baby doll

Source: ebaumsworld.com


There doesn't seem to be too much that is very funny about this cage

Funny cage

Source: huffingtonpost.com


Never ever crossbreed mice and rabbits

Mouse doll

Source: ebaumsworld.com


A neck ring? Seriously? This kid is going to hate water forever!

Swimming neck ring

Source: alibaba.com


Why do creepy dolls always have to be photographed in horrible lighting conditions?

Gnome doll

Source: collegehumor.com


Seriously, just let the kids be kids

Milking cow toy

Source: collegehumor.com


Out of all the dolls you could have chosen…

Pee and poo dolls

Source: ebay.com


Gold teeth and wife beater are not included

My first tattoo gun

Source: pinterest.com


Only China could come up with something like this

Inflatable Titanic

Source: jumpandslide.com


Unless your kids really hates Star Wars and you don't mind them growing up to be serial killers, dead ewoks are probably a no-no

Ewok dolls


Russian Roulette for kids? There's no way that could ever go wrong. Definitely not.

Kaba kick

Source: geek-cred.com


Peta disproved.

Cat with guts spilled out

Source: tokyomango.com


World Trade Center Airplane toys really exist (sadly).

911 toy

Source: nbcnews.com


So what are you actually supposed to do with it? Build a poo spaceship?

Poo dough

Source: factsoftoday.com


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